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Food Support

We receive an extremely high volume of catering and food donation requests. Many of which are varied in nature and need. In an effort to continue to accommodate as many organizations as possible, we have developed a catering fundraising program that allows organizations to earn a credit from their local supporter's Moe's visits!

How it works:

Your group will receive a code that can be shared with members and their family and friends. The code must be entered in the app prior to making a purchase and can be applied to an online order or scanned at the register in-store to make sure the value of the order goes toward your group's credit!


At the end of your "collection period", your group would receive a catering credit of 20% of all orders that applied your group code!

For example: If your organization code was used for $1,000 in orders, you will receive a $200 catering credit. 


  • The "collection period" can begin as soon as your organization is approved and group code is generated (typically about one week) and can be for as little as one month, or up to six months

  • Credit total is determined based on the pre-tax total of all orders that applied your code at check-out.

  • Your credit can be used in any way your organization needs, including feeding your group/team​, concession stand or event food, teacher appreciation, etc.​

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks from the time of receipt submission to receive your catering credit total

  • Once you receive your credit, you may place a catering order for your organization at any time by contacting the Western PA catering department at 724-816-4945 or

  • Please note: Catering credits cannot be combined with any discounts or promotional offers. Catering and gift card purchase receipts are not eligible for credit.

  • All requests for food require participation in the catering credit program. ​Please direct any questions to

Volunteers Packing Food
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