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All Taco Kit Pop-Ups are scheduled through

In-Store Processes & Procedures 

You can view your upcoming pop-ups in Monkey at any-time. Monkey is to be used for scheduling and accounting purposes only. The final counts in Monkey do not reflect actual kit builds. For actual kit builds, please refer to the Pop-Up Order List in the link below.

Taco Kit sales run until 48 hours prior to the event. The final order list will be made available to you by 10 AM the day prior.



  • Things to be completed the night before:

    • Put silverware kits and taco shells in each box

    • Label kits on the short side of the box

      • Make sure the writing is legible​

      • Include kit number on the box using the kit number from the "Pop-Up Order List" 1. Customer A, 2. Customer B, 3. Customer C, 5. Customer C

      • In the instance of 'Customer C' where the customer has multiple kits, use 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 labeling system as well as the name and kit number​



  • Cups and bowls should not have greasy film, fingerprints, or dribbles of product down the side. When it happens, use a towel lightly dampened with sani water and wipe the film or dribble from the bowls.

  • Meat bowls are to be filled to the bottom of the lid

  • Sour cream, queso, black beans, ground beef, salsa, should be FULL, but no full the product is spewing out of the vent of the lid

  • Lettuce should not be done more than 24 hours in advance. Avoid smashing shreds of lettuce in the lid.

Tip: Average assembly time should be 2.5 - 3 per minute (putting hot/cold in boxes)


  • Organizations have the option to pick-up their kits or have them delivered for a fee of $50 (Except Cranberry & Robinson)

  • The fee goes to the driver delivering the pop-up. For multiple drivers, the fee is split.

  • Delivery drivers are scheduled by Danielle. No one is to go with the delivery driver that is not scheduled to do so. Please do not change your delivery driver without talking with her first.

  • Drivers no longer stay to assist with distribution. They are to hand off the kits AND the order sheet, answer any questions and leave.

  • For pick-up, 1-2 representatives from the organization will pick-up ALL orders and take them back to their pop-up location for distribution

  • The "Pop-Up Order List" should be provided to the organization representative on-site.

  • Organizations should NOT be provided an invoice from Monkey. Monkey is used ONLY to account for the sale.

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 3.44.06 PM.png


  1. Use "Cater Taco Pop-Up" button (under catering)

  2. Cash-out with "Online Cater Accounts Receivable"

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